Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Up and down weeks

I've realized that unintentionally, the past month or so has become a
cycle of slightly overly hard weeks that then necessitated an easy
week the next week. Last week was one of those easy weeks, and I'm
going to try to break that cycle this week.

52+ miles:

Mon: easy 5
Tue: 8x400 at 5k with 200 at MP
Wed: 6+ easy
Thu: 7 easy
Fri: 6 easy
Sat: 7 @ 7:25ish
Sun - 15+ long run, 7:20-7:30 pace until a storm blew in, then 6:30s
to stay warm for the last 3-4 on the way home

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Was that fun or what?

Jen & I at the Broad St finish..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Week of 5/5

Not a bad week running-wise. The weather has gotten nice except for
the odd pollen attack here and there. My hamstring has cleared up
nicely. I'm starting to head into my racing season and I'm excited.
I'm thinking I'll probably run a 5k this weekend, then one the last
weekend of May, then come June there is a fast local Wednesday night
5k series. After a few of those I'll aim to be ready for a big 4th of
July race and that's about it. Whew. I'm tired already. :)

Last week was just about 50 miles. Workouts were:

Tu: 9.6 with 6.5 at tempo - 5:52 avg pace, felt good. The long tempos
have been a really nice addition this year. I never used to take
these runs over 5 miles.
Wed: 7.5 at 7:15 pace
Fri: Lousy weather, so I turned my interval workout into a crazy Dean
Karzanes style TM time trial, 4 miles in 21:24, 5:21 pace. Goofy, but
Sun: A moderate, but hilly 10 around 7:20 pace.

And that's about it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Broad Street Fun

This past Sunday was a Philadelphia running institution - The Broad St
Run. This 10 miler is point-to-point and has a nice downhill tilt to
it. I had been hoping for a PR showing this year, but an over-the-top
workout last Tuesday put me temporarily out of the running.

So I asked my wife Jen, who was running her first major race, if she
would mind if I ran it with her.

Her awesome results speak for themselves.

We got dropped off at the
start line by a neighbor and running buddy whose daughter we were also
running with. Jen and Molly set the pace and I was along for the

Broad St has swelled to 22,000 registered and has become quite the
traffic jam. It would have been difficult for us to have run
significantly faster than we did from where we were lined up if from
nothing else but the thick traffic. The race director suggested at
the start that they may move to a corral start next year and I think
that is an excellent ides.

I was amazed at the strength that Jen ran with, having only been
running since October (8:45 pace) and really enjoyed taking in the
race and the scenery on Broad St. For once I even noticed as we came
in to the Navy Yard the giant decommissioned warships that we race by.
In previous years I've been too busy looking for the finish line.

Jen ran a fantastic race and I was ecstatic to be there with her and
to be able to see her face as we crossed the finish line together.

It was a blast!

So last week was a down week for me. Yesterday I was back on the
horse with no major hamstring issues - 9.5 miles with 6.5 tempo at
just over 5:50 pace. Feeling good and anxious to get back to racing.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I want to be reincarnated as a bird...

I was out for a nice run on Sunday afternoon - a comfortable 15.
There is a nice stretch of this run that I do on a new trail along a
creek that I found in the Pennypack wilderness. I'm heading out of
the creek on Sunday down a small tree lined road, just noodling along,
minding my own business. All of a sudden a robin breaks through out
of the tree cover maybe 40 feet in front of me and all of a sudden
it's 1945 and I'm the USS Sitting Duck.



He weaves left, he weaves right. I cover my head.

Splat. Missed by inches.

I live to run another day.

Week of 4/21 Workouts:
Tu: 13 with 10 at tempo -
6:31,6:36,6:12,6:17,6:13,6:13,6:00,6:01,5:41,5:35 for 61:19
Fri: 16x400 100 jog every rep, 400 every set -
77,76,77,77,78,77,76,77,77,77,78,76,78,77,76,77. I hate morning track
Sun: 15 comfortable

Week of 4/28
Tu: hard workout and I hurt myself. m1: 5:50 200-1: 34 m2: 5:52 200-2:
35 m3: 5:57 200-3: 36 m4: 5:54 1000 jog: 5:49 800-1: 2:50 30 sec rest
800-2: DNF

Tuesday I was trying to do rolling mile reps with 200 hard between and
tweaked my hamstring. All EZ miles since then. It's not too bad, but
it might put a crimp in Broad St. I'll figure that out on Saturday.