Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week of 8/25

Cutback week this week, and it was about time. The little nagging
things were piling up and my legs were a little tired, so it was nice
to take a little break. Of course a cutback week is also a good time
for a tune-up race, right? Right? That's was a funny.

Just over 52 miles.

Mon - 5 easy
Tues - 5000 on the track, 16:54, led for about a mile and a half to
pace a friend to a PR, 2nd OA
Wed - 5 easy
Thus - 11 harder
Fri - 14 hard
Sat - 0
Sun - easy 10

In September I've got 2 half marathons coming up, one this weekend and
then the PDR on the 21st. This weekend is just for fun - I'll
probably do it as a marathon pace workout. The PDR I will run hard.


Maria said...

Which HM do you have this weekend?

Joseph P. Wood said...

Dude, seriously, are you secretly planning marathon? Your training sounds like it...

Tom said...

Maria - Larry & I were going to run this race - http://www.nepa-rail-trails.org/marathon.html - and take all the kids to the lake, but bagged with the weather

Joseph - I'm running the Pfitz 70 mpw marathon plan, I still haven't decided what I'll race in Nov